Meet Geoff Bright

Owner, CEO and luxury design builder

During my college years I began working in the industry doing carpentry and painting work. I immediately found out how much I valued working with tools, working outdoors and being a team player. Starting from the ground up I continued traveling through trade work and in doing so became determined to create my own enterprise which grew to all phases of construction.

As a New England native cataloguing over a decade of industry experience I embarked on creating Synergy Home Improvements. It has been my life’s goal to be a team leader and inspiration to company associates and clientele alike. With this mindset Synergy has expanded and developed into a quality source for luxury design builder services in the Falmouth, Massachusetts area.

As one of our primary goals at Synergy it is our policy to make sure our clients are comfortable with our collaboration and that they themselves feel like they are engaged and part of the entire process.

Geoff Bright owner of Synergy Home Improvements and Luxury Design Builder

The Synergy Reach

Synergy Home Improvements is a luxury design builder who provides home renovation and home construction services in unlimited fashion. We specialize in kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, large scale interior remodeling of existing structures and home building and home additions.

Synergy Home Improvements is a luxury design builder serving Cape Cod

Our Story

We Bring The Human Element

At Synergy Home Improvements we work best as a closely knit team. As we do not mind repeating we are dedicated to making sure our clients are part of that team and that you have the option to be a part of the entire process.

We want to work through the project with you and be as engaging as possible as we learn about your vision for your space. This is easy for us because we gravitate towards the journey of bringing home renovations to life as much as the result itself.

We experience joy in completing and seeing the final touches come to reality and for the new associates and even friends we make along the way we are just as grateful. Knowing we meet the goal of how you envision your new home to be and feel is our ultimate satisfaction.

Kind Words

Why invest in your home?

Prevent Future Costs

Your home comes with costs. Let’s work together NOW to update AND maintain…on your terms.

Become Cutting Edge

As we travel deeper into the 21st century each year we see new options faster than we can imagine. Let us help you make your home YOURS.

Bring Spaces To life

With our help at Synergy we will design and implement a more functional, spacious, and enlightened experience within your home.

Update Property Value

Home renovation does increase value. But not just realty value. A customized home renovation with Synergy will bring your homes value to top tier status the way YOU see it.

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Our service area

We offer builder, home remodeling and general contractor services for Falmouth, Mashpee and Upper Cape Cod, Mass.

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Synergy provides unlimited building, remodeling and home improvement services.