Synergy Home Improvements offers home remodeling services on Cape Cod

Our Home Remodeling Services

Synergy Home Improvements provides various technical and production services but we start by serving our clients. A high level of customer service is our practice and we are intent on listening to and understanding your needs. As home remodeling professionals we provide expertise in kitchen, bathroom and general interior remodeling. But we don’t stop there. At Synergy we also work with you through the process of accomplishing your property goals in every facet from individual tasks to home construction.

The Synergy Triad

Synergy Home Improvements offers Home Remodeling including Additions, Rebuilds, New Construction


Additions, Rebuilds, New Construction

As construction professionals we are keenly aware of your property’s potential. Our team offers and provides home building and home construction without limits. We start this process by meeting with you to learn your ultimate property goals and we assess what possibilities can work the best with your desires and budget. Our design/build process can provide the pathway to the most effective approach. We assess building code and local by-laws in concert with land surveying and architectural engineering and then our production experts take it from there.

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Synergy Home Improvements offers home remodeling all at once or one at a time


All at once or one at a time

At Synergy Home Improvements a decades old structure might as well be a blank canvas. As Home Remodeling specialists we are not only design update savvy but we can also completely reconfigure your home altogether. We pride ourselves on possessing the insight to initially visualize a completely new floor plan layout in our first meeting. We begin by diving deep into the conversation of learning what it is you want and need for your home. From there an interior design stage begins and as we discuss and plan your budget we talk about interior and exterior design from corner to corner.

One of the unique features of working with us is our ability and desire to approach each component like its the only one. We serve clients for any scale project…Complete home remodeling, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, finished basement and everything in between.

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Synergy Home Improvements offers home remodeling and all around “fix its”


All around “fix its”

We’ve all heard the slogan “no job too big or small”. At Synergy we are no exception. What was once a goal but now now policy we strive to field every inquiry. We understand that our valued customers have home improvement needs. We work to maintain client relationships so you can count on us to provide smaller project services that are often disregarded by the other guys only looking to land the big projects.

Synergy Home Improvements is available to meet new customers for general home improvement tasks as well as similar services for our existing valued customers.

We provide service and installation of windows and doors, exterior coverings, flooring, tile, paint and plumbing, electrical and HVAC services to name a few.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

We are a full service design entity. We provide starting points for customers that do not know where to begin but we are also a full service design establishment. We provide all phases of design…interior design, architectural and structural design.

Yes. We are fully insured.

We provide the minimum legal warranty standard and also provide additional warranty coverage.

As a team our favorite part is creating. As a business owner I would add that the synergistic process of the production is what I find most satisfying.

Yes. As a team unit we operate with common goals and always have team wide open lines of communication.

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We offer builder, home remodeling and general contractor services for Falmouth, Mashpee and Upper Cape Cod, Mass.

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